Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story - Graham Norton Show Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story - Graham Norton Show Anyone noticed how 'willing' leftists are to have 'really important' conversations (another time) when they aren't really doing anything productive? Michigan state university students can't cope with whiteboards Man Makes homemade tank and destroys half of his town; Police have no way to stop him Transexual defender claims gender is SOLELY defined by how a person feels. So what's to stop me from claiming to be a woman when there's an advantage to doing so (car insurance rates) or a man (wanting to attend a women's college) at other times, and change my gender every other day if I wanted to? Was really expecting to see this on the front page when I logged on today. Biggest Tuck take down I've seen to date. And they call us science deniers. Tucker Carlson offers Tranny Bathroom supporting guest $1000 if he can find ONE scientist willing to state that gender is strictly what you identify as and not biological. Spoiler Alert - this entire interview is a bloodbath (as always) Tucker Carlson Absolutely BTFO Biology-Denying SJW on Tranny Bathrooms! Fargo Season 3 Promo! First Season 3 Promo!! TIL Okunoshima, Japan (aka Rabbit Island) has thousands of wild rabbits which began from only 5 released there in the '60s. Since there are no natural predators to keep the rabbit population in check and tourists feed them, the rabbits have no fear of people and will swarm them with cuddles. Sam Harris on the Berkeley Riots - 'The Left is Simply IRREDEEMABLE at This Point!' Muslim Woman's INSANE Claim: 'Islam is THE Most Feminist Religion!' Black Civil Rights Activist Says Blacks Hurt Most by Illegal Immigrants The Presidents of the United States of America - Lump [alternative] Meet the world's first all-female patrol protecting South Africa's rhinos [HORRIBLE] Watch "Islam Fed to Schoolchildren While Christianity is Suppressed! Tucker Carlson" on YouTube How to test if the earth is flat. A$AP Rocky - Canal St. feat. Bones What would you do if you had to take care of a child like this...? Not for going viral purposes, if you come across this video, please let us know what we can do better... We want to get better and we need all the feedback we can get! I personally feel like I messed up on this video big time... Dropping a Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water. "Alien like" sounds 1800X OC'd on LN2 to 5.14 GHz - 2449 Cinebench R15 Score [FRESH] Thundercat - Walk On By (ft. Kendrick Lamar) Austin Evans' Report on Ryzen - 5.1 Ghz on ALL EIGHT CORES on the 1800x. [WAVY WEDNESDAY] Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission Astronaut David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather on the moon, repeating Galileo's gravity experiment Family Guy - Woody walks in on Buzz Lightyear Video of Duterte's son smoking a doobie surfaces Video shows Baste Duterte smoking what? Steam Turbines. Barack Obama Talking About "Getting Some Ribs and Pussy"; Then, he says "Pussy" Again...VERY Presidential, Am I Right? Kanye West - Street Lights Female cyclist gets revenge on cat calling workmen One of my favorite David Mitchell rants. [UK] Van passenger harasses cyclist who eventually catches up to van and rips off side mirror TALES FROM THE CRYPT Season 1 TRAILER & M. Night Shyamalan FEATURETTE (2017) TNT Series The Pioneer of the Jump Shot died over the weekend at the age of 95. He is not in the Naismith Hall of Fame. Bobby Knight and others are trying to change that. [Poetry] Unicorn Music™ an unicorn made of music Father Ted, fixing a dent Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm (Music video) Respect to the P4P #1 fighter in the sport. Why English Spelling Sucks Trump Has Had Biggest Dow Gain in a President's 1st 30 Days Since 1909 Nathan For You - Liquor Store, one of my favorite segments from one of my favorite shows "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is such a well written comedy. I love the way the dialogues are made serious in context, and how inevitably funny they get! Liberals love Sharia Law. That time SNL promoted child marriage as "comedy" back in 2015... In match sprint races, cyclists try to bike as slowly as possible to force their opponent to go in front - It's a crazy sport that sometimes remembers of a Monty Python Sketch. If you haven't seen a match sprint before, watch this. Gyroscopic platform using hand-held CD players in space Muppet Movie 1979 Camera Test: The banter is so hilariously improvised even the actors can't help but laugh(8:33) HD Stabilized Lunar rover footage. Woman smokes medical marijuana for cerebral palsy. Difference in her speech is night and day [Poetry] La Le Le La La In this segment with Rush today, Chris Wallace says until a few weeks ago he'd never heard of the term- Deep State. Really?! SNL made a hilarious parody of the independent short films shown at film festivals. Ahhh, La Le Laaaa Woman smokes medical marijuana for cerebral palsy. Difference in her speech is night and day Was looking for We are number one memes, instead found this weird pedo themed lazy town channel. I dunno what to say..... (nsfw) Woman smokes medical marijuana for cerebral palsy. Difference in her speech is night and day (2014) Today in the Vietnamese top league: to protest a late penalty decision, Long An FC players all stood still for the remaining of the game. Their opponents kept playing and proceeded to score 3 more goals. Man deliberately drives into oncoming traffic killing one in Western Australia. German Air Force fighters intercepting a plane that would not respond to Air Traffic Control This Death Scene From Bone Tomahawk Redefined What "Gruesome" Means to Me What happens when you put a cone on a MP dog. [50/50] Human Skin Gloves made by serial killer Ed Gein (NSFW)| Cool Sidewalk Water Art (SFW) [UK] Picking up my Hornet from the dealership. Didn't make it through the front gate. xpost /r/motorcycles SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE! Warning: Graphic Pizza-gate audio and Podesta voice comparison. Hell isn't enough for these sick f*cks. Almost says full name "I'm John Po-". If you downvote before watching you have no soul. I'mma nut [NSFL] 500 views. Full Lethality Rek'Sai THE BAD BATCH 2017 Official Trailer HD Archer Season 8 Trailer (Official FXX YT Channel) Ricky Gervais Teased His Sister With A Snake Skin Slovakian sparks liberal outrage by burning Koran... remember their outrage with flag burning? ME NEITHER! She went to the gym for 100 days and made this time-lapse video UNLOCKЕD Official Trailer 2017 HD [video] She went to the gym for 100 days and made this time-lapse video Red octopus faces off with a swimmer crab [Haiku] Ethan Klein has a very important message [iMPACT Spoilers] Footage of how TNA handled the referee situation to avoid lawsuit Nimble Bastard is out now!!! 'Archer' Season 8 Trailer Stabilized time-lapse of the night sky clearly shows how Earth rotates this figure skater skates to "it's over, isn't it" and the la la land soundtrack New I Am Setsuna trailer - (Nintendo Switch) CNN Anchor Jake Tapper breaks down Kellyanne Conway's doublespeak on Conan After #PIZZAGATE the entertainment industry will never be the same to me. This is why left is dying - Yassmin Abdel-Magied: "Islam is the most feminist religion" Jake Tapper On Interviewing Kellyanne Conway - CONAN on TBS Cop shows how to stop a fight RED ALERT: Possible John Podesta CHILD TORTURE Video Surfaces! Spread This! Last night my friend epically staged being stood up at a Valentines Day proposal dinner. Always Sunny Project Badass VR Experience | FXX Always Sunny Project Badass VR Experience | FXX [Meme][Poetry] Baby Panda Sneezes 360lb Night Club Bouncer vs 138lb Drunk Dude Bit on Conan goes off the rails. Hardest I've seen him laugh during a sketch: Wikibear As I Lay Dying - The Darkest Nights Officers Declare Family’s Beloved Pet Deer ‘Illegal’ — Promptly Kill it In Front of Them NSFW The famous voice of "EA Sports, it's in the game." in real life Kevin Owens Anime Betrayal Gen II is officially released! [Poetry]What happens when you play Windows XP in a car DVD player DASHCAM: Las Vegas Taxi Driver Gets Robbed And Strangled What happens when you play Windows XP in a car DVD player. [869 views] Angry Russian woman slaps around cheating husband and goes topless Ginuwine - Pony (Happy Valentines Day <3) [WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT ]France-MUSLIM Migrants Carjack, Beat Up, Kidnap Woman And Shoot At Good Samaritans Trying To help Frank Ocean: The Making of Blonde (HIGH DEFINITION) NSFW OC infected ingrown from waxing [FRESH] Kodak Black x A Boogie "Water" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio) I thought Reddit might like something like this so here you go: looking down at clouds at different speeds Birds Slaughtered by Car "They'll Move" Drunk Guy Knocks Himself Out In The Restroom Neighbor Freaks Out Over Tree Cutting A 2017 version of the original WWE Desire promo from 2001. 60 Minutes Crew Attacked By Migrants In Sweden Woman Drives On Sidewalk To Avoid Stopping School Bus "On the level" leaked off his new album. enjoy dogsss Joy Villa - "I Make the Static" Americas Security Employee Caught Stealing Doorbell Camera 60 Minutes Crew Attacked By Migrants In Sweden SNL nails the reporting of Chicago's homicide rate (6m 48s) Passengers deboard flight after United Airlines pilot rants about her divorce over plane's intercom Pilot Rants About Donald Trump And Her Divorce After Showing Up Late - NEEDS SAFE SPACE #MAGA #SPICY Inglorious Basterds: a scene that goes from tense to Tarantino in a flash No Panties Twerk (0:46) After much deliberation, punches are finally thrown in an ole' fashioned high school girl-fight After more than 40 years, Christine Chubbucks live on-air suicide footage has been located . [NSFW] Don't Arm Wrestle If You Already Have a Broken Arm Jake Tapper - SNL SNL IS FINALLY SELF AWARE OF THE MULTICULTURAL HORSE SHIT MESSAGES IN MEDIA Sean Spicer Press Conference Cold Open My old targeting officer sent me this because he said I was pretty hipster. Sadio Mane & Henderson - Post Match Interview Throwback to when the POTUS could take a joke. WISH UPON Official Trailer 2017 - Joey King Horror Movie HD [Meme] Is that a good thing or bad thing! Keanu Reeves talks new Bill & Ted movie on Graham Norton show, while simultaneously proving that he is the coolest dude on the planet The result of picking a fight with someone bigger and taller than you. Mid-game barbarians in a nutshell McDonald's Parkour Epic Fail "This is not in the top 757 things we should be talking about." Jason Chaffetz gives a spy signal to CNN / Wolf Blitzer as a veiled threat to knock it off or be disclosure-destroyed, given this reference to 9/11 Tig Notaro breaks Conan Explosion at Flamanville Nuclear Plant in France Clerks II - Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars (Movie Clip) Psycho Redneck Blonde Road Rage THE LOST CITY OF Z Official Trailer 2017 HD Ocean's 12 may be sub-par to the other films, but the 'lost in translation' scene remains one of the funniest moments in the whole franchise. Lighting match in Car full of perfume spray PPD. Bitch won't leave, assaults guy. Equal rights and equal lefts. Audience members laughs at male abuse victim, host of show calls the audience out on double standards PsyOp: The left is replacing "Illegal Aliens" with "Undocumented Immigrants"... i.e. "They're immigrants, just undocumented!". No, THEY CAME IN ILLEGALLY. WE HAVE A COUNTRY OR WE DON'T. 100% newspeak. Make sure you push back against this! duck tales ft. alex jones Spot News (1937) - Dramatization of how photographs are transmitted by wire, an exciting new technology in the 1930s. It's amazing just how much this film correctly predicts the future, even though it didn't mean to. Skateboard Also Doubles as Butterfly Knife Meet The Castaways Competing on Survivor: Game Changers Taxi Driver Goes Nuts On Uber Driver and Gets Dragged Down The Street Personal Shopper 2017 Official UK Trailer This Totino's commercial from last year was pretty great too... [Poetry] CHEMTRAILS Totinos with Kristen Stewart - SNL Michelle Waterson getting that mainstream push. New video from ALLURE. OUR COMRADES AT RT reporting ON the quote of the century .... Denzel Washington Gives Advice to Millie Bobby Brown After Sag Awards Win Based Vice President Mike Pence getting cheered at Super Bowl 51! (At the 46 second mark) Super Bowl Crowd ROARS for Vice President Pence The Walking Dead Super Bowl Spot: 'Football is Over' Official Teaser Stranger Things 2 Super Bowl 2017 Commercial Spot Lady Gaga - Superbowl 2017 Halftime Show ... SHE DIDN'T MAKE IT POLITICAL - GREAT SHOW! Oval Office Cold Open Overwatch server lags so hard we end up in hanamura SNL: Sean Spicer Press Conference MORE BASED GOODNESS ON THE HWNDU CAM (Classic Redpilling Broadcast - Level : THEY LIVE) SNL: Oval Office Cold Open Trump supporter flips out and screams at Shia Labeouf's stream This is the funniest SNL skit in years. Melissa McCarthy kills it. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, on SNL Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Shia LeBeouf Stream 20000MG REDPILL AT HWNDU Sean Spicer Press Conference - SNL Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live (Official Video) The gayest skit SNL has ever made ft. Kristen Stewart Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Shia LeBeouf Stream Oval Office Cold Open - SNL Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Shia LeBeouf Stream Based Black Trump Supporter Redpills "He Will Not Divide Us" Shia LeBeouf Stream SNL: Sean Spicer Press Conference This week's SNL Cold Open: Oval Office SNL - Sean Spicer First Press Conference Elizabeth Warren rolls her eyes after CNN's Cooper calls her out on her BS Trump lie Sean Spicer press conference mocked on Saturday Night Live 05.02.2017 SNL Cold Open 2/4/17 Melissa McCarthy Spoofs Sean Spicer Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street [Soft Rock] Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - She Goes Off on Judge Blocking Trump's Travel Ban! - 2/4/17 Dancing in her apartment, goes full frontal Girl dies after being flung off amusement park ride in Chongqing [USA ][OC] Car attempts U-Turn in front of me while riding motorcycle, couldn't avoid them. Key & Peele - Black Ice The most realistic depiction of Boston-area Dunkin Donuts there has ever been (SNL) Thought you may enjoy "The Wrong Way to Consume Alcohol" from Parks and Rec. Eden Hazard & Gary Cahill - Post Match Interview - Chelsea 3 Arsenal 1 There is no better reason to stop Muslim immigration that this right here... The amount of dislikes on this video shows who was actually in the right This "Daily Show" skit shocked me the most. I don't even know what "normal" is anymore. Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger [Rock] Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - Big Game Spot - Paramount Pictures Angry driver gets laid out, after attacking cyclist that was waiting for pedestrians to cross Trump Granddaughter Arabella Singing a Song For Chinese New Year 2017 This Post man is not happy with Tour De France Flatbush Zombies - New Phone, Who Dis? A Tall Narrow Building Gone Wrong! Bill Burr on protests and celebrity activism One of my favorite scenes in television. Ron Swanson goes to Scotland. Frat House Bike Jump Fail Boston Dynamics New Wheeled Robot Called Handle "You AND Your Network Are Part Of The Confusion!" Sean Spicer RIPs Smug Leftist Liberal Zeit für Chulz! #HOHEENERGIE CNN anchor doesn't let bullshit fly Father Ted doesn't get mentioned enough on reddit. One of the funniest show I have ever seen. Great stand up bit about an overlooked part of U.S. history Friend lost both parents in the same year so we all pitched in to get him an Xbox One and some gear (NSFW: language) Interdimensional UFO Portal Tutorial! Star Trek: Discovery In Production Soap Opera star Chuck Schumer: "Where were you 8 years ago when we tried to get Obama's nominees through?" Senator Cotton: "8 years ago I was getting my a**(oh my) shot in Afghanistan, so don't talk to me about where I was." James Corbett's humorous take on 9/11 has gone viral, amassing over 1,150,000 views in less than 8 months on YouTube. This 5-minute satire of the 'Official Conspiracy Theory' uses factoids and graphics to drive home its points in what can only be called a masterpiece of reductio ad absurdum. (2011) The Ohio legislator trying to ban all abortions in the state is asked "why do women get abortions"... and said he'd "never even thought about it that way" because he'd never actually thought about the women involved I'm A Mediocre Negro Portland Resistance leader has no idea what he's resisting, as proven by Tucker Carlson SJW Literally Confesses that Trump is moving too fast for Liberals, wants Trump to slow down. Meme Magic Folks. NO BRAKES! Boycotting companies makes you the fascist! Horrible Little Rat Vs Lizard Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf [Pop] Builder Attempts To Errect a Roof By Himself and Fails Freddie Gibbs - 10 Times (feat. Gucci Mane & E-40) President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order On Regulatory Reform 1/30/17 The Reason Ewan McGregor & Danny Boyle Didn’t Speak for Years - The Graham Norton Show A Man Trying To Ban Abortions Is Asked A Question He Never Considered This is what these pro-immigration protesters storming our airports REALLY want: "NO BORDER, NO NATION, FUCK DEPORTATIONS!" Typical fake outrage and race baiting from a left wing hack. Spicy 🌶 - protestors getting BTFO by cars Protesters at an airport chanting "NO BORDER! NO NATION! FUCK DEPORTATION!" While lady is interviewed after tornado destroys her home she finds her dog under the rubble. A Set for the Ages: Leffen vs Mango (GENESIS 4) Angry Woman Tries To Reserve a Parking Spot By Foot This is how Mexico treats illegal immigrants in their country Norma Jean - Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes (Official Music Video) Michael J. Fox calls out for 'Doc' while doing completely separate movie "Whistling At Your Mom" - a Peruvian TV show finds the mothers of men who catcall women, do makeovers on said moms, then have them walk by their sons so they can firsthand see their sons' behavior. Drunk Guy Falls Down Escalator Like a Boss Well that explains alot now Doesn't it folks. "BARACK’S SECRET MUSLIM WHITE HOUSE MOSQUE. Tall Guy Issues One crazy wave That Mitchell and Webb Look: "Are we the baddies?" Nas - Affirmative Action HMB while I burn some trapped methane bubbles Ever wonder what those "Ambulance Drivers" do? Wonder no more! My GirlFriend Tortoises mating During the launch of Apollo 16 Astronaut John Young's heart rate never exceeded 70. [Poetry] how to make a paper airplane Klopp post match interview J. Cole - January 28th nude photoshoot Tucker Carlson Talks to Former Planned Parenthood Worker Abby Johnson Who is Now Pro Life FedEx Driver stops burning of flag Rust - psychopath Scientology is "not happy" about Conan's interview with Leah Remini Trevor Noah tells Laurence Fishburne about the time he saw him as a boy in South Africa Race car takes flight and jumps a safety barrier. Chinese girl in shower Clowns Inbound (9 seconds) Leah Remini On Shelly Miscavige’s Disappearance - CONAN on TBS Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks[Alternative/Indie] Male and Female bike thieves steal 3 bikes in San Diego. Full video. Black Trump Supporter red pilling liberals with ZERO REMORSE and hitting this lady with logic and common sense. Give this pede some love. We love our pedes. The Senn Way of Asking Someone to Prom [FRESH] Major Lazer Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj - Run Up Hey society, You still don't own me. Compilation of GoPro Close-Quarter Kills & Close calls Syria [2015-2016] [Graphic] BIG JOE GOES OFF on LA Woman's March Protestors!!!! Show this PROUD AMERICAN some love!!!!! Elderly woman abused by home care worker in Texas. Recorded on nest cam. Nurse Isabelle - Compassionate Long Term Care Nurse sings for My Grandma Dude accidentally skis off 150-foot cliff and captures the whole thing on his helmet cam America First, Netherlands Second Skier accidentally falls off a cliff. America first, The Netherlands second Idris Elba becoming a kickboxer (episode 1) Netherlands responds to make America first [50/50]Beautiful blue-eyed girl is blessed by fire | Drunk Girls Accidently Set Their Kitchen On Fire (NSFW/NSFL) Rachid Alioui nice goal vs Ivory Coast (1) - 0 I hope President Trump heard this: The fake news press wants an investigation into the big scandal of illegal alien voter fraud. High elo Xerath scripter on NA still not banned after over a month! Car Slide Fail Beer Save Win Motorcycle vs Car Drag Race Epic Fail Daily show deceptively edits Trump speech, race-baiting. DISGUSTING. Warning-not PC! Liberal Hag berates Trump Supporter then gets kicked off the plane amid cheers [50/50] horrific accident at a race | hilarious start to a race [NSFW] [50/50] Girl accidentally lights another girl's butt on fire (Not-NSFW) | [50/50] Grandma Freaks Out Playing With PS4 [SEW] Woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane; passengers cheer. Dave Grohl on the brilliance of The Beatles The Postal Service - Such Great Heights [Synthpop] We're going streaking.... Joey Bada$$ - Enter The Void (feat. Ab-Soul) Aziz Ansari SNL monologue last night was perfect. [FANCAM] IOI last Pick Me at timeslip concert last day La La Land Interrogation Aziz Ansari Stand-Up Monologue - SNL Astronaut David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather on the moon, repeating Galileo's gravity experiment Tito signals with his fingers, Chael changes position ? This Prank is So Evil... I love it You know that nice picture of the Trump supporter putting out a fire? Did you see the rest of the video where his MAGA hat is stolen and he's sucker punched in the back of the head? Guy in Finland makes an ice carousel 23 Years later and still relevant with today. Arab Wedding Celebrations Look Dangerous UW Odegaard library protest gets real Hey, hey, hey... THIS IS LIBRARY! Guardians of the Galaxy - Knowhere VFX Milo protestors started chanting in a library. One student was having none of it. TV Preachers Living Like Rock Stars. Can we please make this go viral? Michael J. Fox calls out for 'Doc' while doing completely separate movie [video] Over the past year I lost 130 pounds without telling my family. This is the reaction of my dad/stepmom when they saw me Lets give this based student some support! [Poetry]Guardian of the Library Hey, hey, hey... THIS IS LIBRARY! Hey, hey, hey... THIS IS LIBRARY! Hey, hey, hey... THIS IS LIBRARY! BASED ASIAN MAN SHUTS DOWN PROTEST SINGLE HANDEDLY!!! Hey, hey, hey... THIS IS LIBRARY! Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer punched in the face the fire rises Snipper clips - Official Nintendo Switch Trailer Jose Mourinho's Pre-Match Press Conference - Manchester United vs Stoke - Confirms buy back option on Memphis, says "It's important United have control over the future of a talent like Memphis". R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It [Alternative] Never change Japan Four people attempt to escape from East Germany into the West. 13 Yr Old Girl DESTROYS Hillary Clinton At Donald Trump's Rally Vice President-elect Mike Pence : "We don't want anybody to be anxious who has an insurance through an exchange or through the process of Obamacare. We don't want people to be concerned that they're going to lose that coverage and face hardship for their families," Is CNN trying to invoke an attack on the inauguration? - Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office Comedy Central tries a MTV "white guys" style video. (They never learn!) New MTX: Celestial Hood Medal of Honor recipient, and the battle that stays forever With John Wick 2 coming soon, lets take a moment to appreciate this fantastic scene from the first movie Footage of a kid shooting at students, teacher and then himself, this morning at a private school in Monterrey, México. Dude freaks out over Windows updates [strong language] WARNING School shooting CAUGHT on camera(few hours ago) 'The Discovery' Official Trailer starting Rooney Mara and Jason Segel Speak it brotha! Tell them liberals what they are! THE funniest Tucker Carlson interview I've ever seen! L is for the way you look at me! Tucker Carlson Exposes Man Claiming to Pay Protesters on Air Tucker Carlson Interview with Inauguration "Protester" You have fooled other news organizations. You did not fool us. Kid forgets he's not on the internet, runs for his life. [FRESH] Migos - I can (ft. Hoodrich Pablo Juan) The Indian guys from PewDiePie's ' death to all jews' vid apologize Mick Jenkins (ft. Joey Bada$$) - Jerome (prod. Kirk Knight) Unexpected President Obama and Pete Souza look back at 8 years of White House photos [Haiku] Thank You [Haiku] (NSFW) When your roommate comes home drunk How come 'Nathan For You' isn't more popular? It's the most hilarious TV show ever. Neil Young discovers a record store selling bootlegs of his music Bisping lands over 25 strikes in under a minute to stop Cung Lee [FRESH] Big Sean - Halfway Off The Balcony (Official Audio) Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: "Yes, I will vote for Rex Tillerson," and "I was very impressed." [Live] Seohyun 서현 - Don't Say No at Solo Showcase Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Tells Jake Tapper that he will vote to confirm Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson Neil Young in 1971 catches a record store selling 'bootlegs' of ...Neil Young! Lovren post match interview. Forgets Fellaini's name and collects MOTM Watching this documentary on Japanese "Internet Cafe Refugees" when i came across this story of a Japanese Sysadmin. He recounts his experience of working long hours, battling depression and work place politics. Colombian farmer passes triathletes uphill on his rusty bike A Brief History Of Handguns. SNL - Donald Trump Press Conference Cold Open DEADPOOL - Official Oscar Consideration Trailer (2017) DEADPOOL - Official Oscar Consideration Trailer (2017) DEADPOOL - Official Oscar Consideration Trailer (2017) Your gonna laugh so hard you'll pee. It'll be the greatest, most American pee you'll ever make, so whether urine your favorite chair or urine your favorite spot on the sofa your gonna have the most spectacular wet in the history of this country, believe me,....believe me it's gonna be great! (SNL) DEADPOOL - Official Oscar Consideration Trailer (2017) [He said it] See you in juvie bitch This Guy Stole CGPgrey's Subscriber Play Button I stole Grey's silver play button AC Milan's Suso hits a tv reporter in the head with a snowball Jackin' it in San Diego A homeless man offers his cake to a millionaire radio host In honor of Obama's scandal-free presidency, let's all remember the time Trump got drunk on a plane and started sexually harassing other passengers. Gwynne Shotwell interview about Saturday launch idiot driver Takeoff Another jeep Naked woman steals police car Coyote Peterson Introduces Conan And Jeff Goldblum To Some Creatures A shout out to reddit. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tommy Tominaga - JoJo (Sono Chi no Sadame) [Anime] Supercell - My Dearest [Guilty Crown OP] Yuuki Ozaki - Trigger [Anime OP] Venom - In League with Satan Cooper refuses to let Kellyanne Conway off the hook 'I know you like to pivot' Norma Jean - Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste [Metalcore] Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve [punk/ska] NBA Top Ten Guy still killin it. Now has better rhymes than 95% of current rappers. “I’m surprised you're arguing with me. It has not been backed up by credible news sources and you know as well as I do these rumors were running around for months. Every news outlet was chasing these rumors,” said Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway Frank Ocean - Lost Cooper refuses to let Kellyanne Conway off the hook 'I know you like to pivot' Coyote Peterson on Conan Funny moment in video game speedrun Vince Staples - Smile Better Call Saul Season 3: 'Booked' Official Teaser Fall Out Boy -Of All The Gin Joints In All The World Four drunk guys try to break the ice in Rome, it ends with a bath The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [Indie rock] [Poetry] Pop pop bang bang Lazy DJs be like... EXID - Up & Down (Chinese Version) Prhyme - Highs and Lows (feat. DOOM and Phonte) Four drunk guys try to break the ice in Rome, it ends with a bath at -4 ° This Brother Gone Crazy Over His New Shoes When Hollywood keeps making asses of themselves, Based Lee Daniels stands like a man. Beginning of a massive 100 vehicle accident on an Ontario highway Graphic video of terrifying axe attack in suburban 7-Eleven Meryl Streep's speech at the Golden Globes Meryl Streep's speech - Corrupt Hollywood Cucks still whining ablut Trump win. New Archer season is Noir themed! Noice! BUSTED!!! Crisis Actor Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting HOAX Meisha Tate said it years ago (at :36) [Haiku] Christmas morning Christopher Walken provides insight on tonight's game Shocking video of two terrorists that was killed in Saudi Arabia this morning. Shout out to the police officer. Chief Keef (feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa) - Hate Bein' Sober [USA] Cammer pulls out into a Lexus RX Best Violin And Guitar Music Ever. Love this So a historic site in PA thought it was a good idea to reenact hanging a Native American in front of children. Key and peele back at it again. Lol Zarya's New Emote [Haiku] Researchers discover new Human Organ This hilarious scene from Dawn Of the Dead (2004) is an actually great way for an actor from the original movie to cameo in the reboot, without doing a disservice to anyone. Three musketeer - Spanish Alley [instrumental] 2017 The TV crossover that everyone forgot Better Call Saul Season 3: 'Mugshot' Official Teaser (x-post from /r/television) Season 8 of Archer to take place in 1900s (Archer coma theory confirmed?) Scary Snowman I made a compilation of Julian Weigl's best passes, goals, and skills. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would watch it. LIVESTREAM HATE CRIME: SHERIFF SPEAKS TO MEDIA TIL Guillermo del Toro plays Pappy McPoyle in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. NCT 127_無限的我 (무한적아; LIMITLESS)_Music Video #2 (Performance Ver.) Wasps have built a huge nest in my window so that I can observe it safely in cross section - [0:40] Maxo Kream - Thirteen When Pie Face Goes Horribly Wrong There hasn’t been a nuclear war yet Kayleigh McEnany stuns CNN panel with joke about Trump’s tweets Allegiant Airlines stewardess kicks grieving sisters off plane Bill Burr's Solution To Environmental Problems - CONAN Unsecured vehicle rolls off ferry into ocean in Australia Popular EDM youtuber AcesToAces was hacked two days ago at 56k subs. There's a squatter in his channel now, and YouTube isn't being direct with him. Biz Markie - Just A Friend [hip-hop] Frank Ocean - Super Rich Kids [Alternative R&B] Man in the High Castle - Season 3 Announcement Ben Wyatt: The King of the Dad Joke Childish Gambino - Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer) [USA] "Lexus changes 2 lanes at once and smashes into a vehicle traveling 80 MPH" Reminder. The New Celebrity Apprentice is on tonight, and Chael Sonnen will be on. [FRESH] Migos - Call Casting [USA] Stalled car gets hit and bursts into flames with driver still inside Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf [Folk] Finnish Darude counts down NYE for his country's 100th anniversary with 130K people attending! Rank 15(?) RIP BHC Rankup without even playing? :D Frank Ocean - Ivy Mouse Rat - 5,000 Candles in the Wind [Rock] Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - 1st of tha Month Remeber the guy that did insanely close jumps into pools and a harbor? He just missed one of these pools and destroyed his feet completely. Goal Of the year....Olivier Giroud CRAZY Scorpion kick Goal vs Crystal Palace But Officer They Are Smoking Marijuana! Mariah Carey Messes Up During New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance Professional poker player gets put in his place by amateur after a bad beat Mariah Carey New Years Mariah Carey NYE performance mess! RIP Mariah Carey's Career Mariah Carey NYE performance mess! Mariah Carey New Year's malfunction Mariah Carey messes up NYE Mariah Carey's career. 2016's last celebrity death. Mariah Carey butchers 2017 NYE performance Mariah Carey Messes Up During New Year's Rockin' Eve Performance Hot knife vs cold butter That guy who does insanely-close-to-the-edge pool jumps finally met his match. Marriage proposal gone wrong at Dallas music festival The crowd can't get enough of this kid Daft Punk -- One More Time [House] (2000) Happy New Year /electronicmusic ! Frank Ocean - Skyline To Electric Eel Kills Crocodile Mourinho post-match interview Star Wars A New Rouge Hope - Ending and Beginning Homage to Numa Numa [Spoiler] We need a new extended edit of this one. Asap Rocky - Canal St (ft. BONES) As we prepare for Rousey's return tonight let's take a trip down memory lane with this wonderful video tribute. 'Woman' violently beats boyfriend as friends laugh and joke in the background Remember this Fake News, this aired on a major news station My new favourite Irish comedian, David O'Doherty. Apparently he's been around for years but somehow I completely missed him. The Inbetweeners - The Boat Scene, 5 minutes of an underappreciated British comedy One of the best videos of Funhaus you'll see. Bruce has a voice Cage the elephant - Ain't no rest for the wicked [ alternative/indie ] brings back good memories Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Ballad Of Curtis Loew [Southern Rock] How to pop a can of pickles open Tesla Autopilot predicts crash seconds before it happens Conor's New Song Deserves 1 Billion Views! Tesla car predicts an accident and warns driver before it happens, by observing the second car in front of him heavily braking Eminem - My Mom Emily bloom I love her Waiting... (2005) | "Cardinal Rule of Food" Music prodigy, 11, readies for first opera's debut George Michael - Faith [Pop-rock] Little girl gives 82-year-old widower new lease on life Travis Scott - Impossible Surprising my Mom for Christmas - I drove 1000km to surprise my mom for Christmas. She didn't recognized me..... Surprising my Mom for Christmas - I drove 1000km to surprise my mom for Christmas. She didn't recognized me.... Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea near Sochi Tu-154 Crash Legendary Level Blyat Not even 30 seconds in ... and the Macgyver part starts THE ADVENTURES OF PANDA WARRIOR (yes this is a real movie) Kanye West- Christmas In Harlem Attack on Titan: Season 2 – Official Promotional Video (JPN) REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Attack on Titan: Season 2 – Official Promotional Video (JPN) 2 guys imitating Conor McGregor on the street and he shows up 2 guys imitating Conor McGregor on the street and he shows up Princess Leia's Theme - John Williams [Soundtrack] Nasim Pedrad as Aziz Ansari is hilariously accurate MEME WARS - Episode VI The Return of TESTCO [FRESH] Big Sean - Moves Been waiting LITERALLY my whole life for my President to stand up to the military industrial complex and demand fiscal responsibility. Today IT HAPPENED!!!! Kentucky woman yells racial slurs at Hispanic customer in JC Penney 10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC.Princess Leia is propositioned numerous times as she walks down the streets of New York City. #Aleppo Wilayat Haleb: Islamic State released a trailer for the upcoming release featuring the combat against FSA and Turkish army! Girl angry she cant get into Disney restaurant threatens man with sexual harassment charges because she did not make reservations. New Clash Royale commercial: Last 1 second Girl angry she cant get into Disney restaurant threatens man with sexual harassment charges because she did not make reservations. Behind-the-scenes look of the breakdown of an entire set in 2 minutes during SNL's opening credits, complete with audio from the stage manager Creating Saturday Night Live: Cold Open to Monologue Set Change SNL set change- behind the scenes Hotel clerk verbally destroys guest after he threw pillows at the housekeeper Girl angry she cant get into Disney restaurant threatens man with sexual harassment charges because she did not make reservations. Girl gets denied entry to restaurant because of lack of reservation; threatens to sue for sexual harrasment This woman made a disgusting Anti-Trump video. TURNS OUT she stole the whole concept from a smaller Youtube group and is now taking a lot of heat! Karma is a bitch... Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down [Rock] SWAT Team Raids "Stash House." Wes Anderson presents his new film 'Isle of Dogs' Girl angry she cant get into Disney restaurant threatens man with sexual harassment charges because she did not make reservations. Duck play with laser pointer like a cat Periphery - The Bad Thing HOLY SHIT BEN SWANN DESTROYS THE MSM NARRATIVE IN ALEPPO, "REBELS ARE AL-NUSRA (AL-QAEDA) WHO WERE GIVEN WEAPONS BY "MODERATE REBELS" VIA OBAMA. WHILE #FAKENEWS CNN SHOWS PICTURES OF DESTROYED BUILDING'S CITIZEN'S LIBERATED FROM TERRORIST ARE CELEBRATING IN THE STREETS, BASED BEN SWANN MSM BTFO Rush - "YYZ" (Acrapella) Tucker Carlson eviscerates liberal that compares Trump to Hitler I strapped a GoPro to my two year daughters shopping cart at the grocery store. A Mexican fireworks factory just exploded - 60+ people injured MTV uploads racist post-election video, gets 30k+ dislikes, deletes it, then uploads it again today, and are now deleting comments MTV News deleted this video because of all the dislikes, then re-uploaded it to try to hide the fact that it got so many dislikes. MTV's idiotic new video: New Years Resolutions for White Guys. My brother's cat learned to open doors. Nowhere is safe. My tribute to Michael Bisping - Never Give Up. Congrats to the UFC fighter of the year. Bisping actually tweeted this which is pretty awesome. My brother's cat learned to open doors. Nowhere is safe. Another Video of Trey Parker's Daughter Voicing Ike MAKE VIACOM ACCOUNTABLE for their racist agenda! IMAX fucked up The Mummy trailer and took it down instantly, guy on 4chan reuploads What MTV has become. MTV to White Males: "Fuck Off" IMAX released the New Mummy Trailer with some audio issues and the results are hilarious. The IMAX trailer for the Mummy reboot got all screwed up 'The Mummy' trailer on the IMAX Youtube channel is missing a bunch of audio and it's hilarious The harsh realities of War. Taken from the Documentary "Restrepo", I can't recommend it highly enough. I decorated my truck with over 14,000 LED Christmas lights. Now I bring to you... CHRISTMAS CHEER!!! [Poetry]Elf On The Shelf V, Jin - Still You Even If I Die Russian Ambassador assassinated during speech in Turkey [NSFL] V, Jin (BTS) - Even If I Die, It’s You (Hwarang OST Part. 2) Little Kids Scared Of The Elf On The Shelf [Fresh] Kid Cudi ft. Andre 3000 - The Guide Incredible Leopard kill caught on camera Entire roof's worth of ice fails from Dallas building. Saturday Night Live Dunkin Donuts skit FUCKING SNL... TRYING TO INFLUENCE ELECTORS Kellyanne Conway: Face the Nation. More like Face the Cuck Cookiezi x [Toy] SNL - Jingle Barack (w/ Chance The Rapper) Putin Stops By SNL To wish Alec Baldwin’s Trump a Merry Christmas: ' Mr. Trump, You Are The Gift’ - YouTube Dunkin Donuts - SNL [Spolier]Daniel Cormier attempts to pressure Main Event Winner to call out her next fight but fails to his dismay Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open - SNL Hillary Actually - SNL Kanye West - Waves Two naked girls dancing KL Rahul out on 199. June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride Hillary Actually- SNL [Spoiler] Mickey Gall talks about what Sage Northcutt was saying to him during the fight The most clever lock you've ever seen Boxer Bernard Hopkins KOed through the ropes Lady blocks fire truck's path and climbs onto the front bumper A tribute to Urijah Faber's storied UFC career [SPOILERS] I managed to find our favourite scene from Rogue One on Youtube so you can rewatch it! man stalks well endowed blonde lady embarrasses her by commenting on her body parts Overwatch games is my inspiration to create Tracer KID Man Stops Train from Moving and Woman Gets It Moving Again Survivor's 33rd season just finished, and the finale had one of the most raw and heartbreaking moments I've seen on TV Trump DC. If you can't make it to DC on 1/20/17, do your best to go to your state capitol in solidarity. I don't care if you upvote this, watch the video and share it. Let's give power back to the People. Let's Trump DC. Hindu titties Summary of the next 8 years This used to be common. Adorable ending. Chris Pratt's Filthy German Joke on Conan Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff Hellcat + blizzaks + snow + empty parking garage = good times I Thought you guys might like this, LPPT Approach yesterday. Conan gets corrected by a fan First clip of Funimation's Dub of Boo Kai [FRESH] Madvillain - Avalanche (Official 45 release) New UI and Menu System [SC 2.6 Non-EVO] Offline Dating (2015) -How hard is it to date offline these days?Great five minute indie documentary Almost 20 years later and this movie still looks stunning.. Man calls store employee/owner a racist and 5 seconds later says "I hate these fuckin' Indian muthafukkas!" SOUND FAMILIAR?: Justin Trudeau Has Been Caught Illegally Using Cash-For-Access; Runs Risk of Impeachment Please remember that Trump dissed hip hop Post Malone - Broken Whiskey Glass SOUND FAMILIAR?: Justin Trudeau Has Been Caught Illegally Using Cash-For-Access; Runs Risk of Impeachment I make low budget music videos with my phone. Godflesh - Like Rats Breaking news: Hillary’s Emails are BACK! Federal Judge Has a Plan to Make Them PUBLIC [Poetry] Too Many Drifts Spoil the Broth [LOUD] [Meme] [0:15] Justin Trudeau May Have Been Caught Illegally Using Cash-For-Access; Runs Risk of Impeachment Tucker Carlson CUTS MIC After Destroying Professor on Russia Role in Outcome of Election Prime Minister Trudeau Caught Doing Illegal Pay-for-Play. Who Else is Loving CURRENT YEAR? [NSFW] Nude Jude: naked run or no balls. Two old ladies vs loading dock Conan experiences sausages Trump Never forgets his supporters, especially when they're in need of support One of the best stories I've ever heard on a talk show, the time Adam Sandler tried to see Shaq's dick Chuck E Cheese challenge "If Ireland beat the All Blacks this autumn I'll drink my own piss" SKT T1 Peanut destroying Kr Soloq as Lee Sin AMD Vega vs Doom 4K (Vulkan) AMD Vega vs Doom 4K (Vulkan) Henry: Arsenal can beat Bayern Fancy Dress Disaster | Short Comedy Sketch The Globalist are trying to start a war get this to r/all AIB : Harassment Through The Ages The Walking Dead: 'Rise Up' Season 7 Returns February 2017 Broken Matt Hardy talks about what happened on the famous WWE flight from hell Walter White Shows Up to SNL as a Trump Cabinet Appointee: ‘I Know the DEA Better Than Anyone’ [Poetry] When I'm Poetic Jose dedicates the victory to Fellaini - Respect Walter White nominated to lead the DEA Student faces backlash for recording anti Trump lecture Flashback: Hillary Said Not Accepting Election Results Was 'Direct Threat To Democracy' I HAVE TO SAY I MUST AGREE WITH HER ON THIS ONE ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) Tits and pussy (0:10 throughout) Ratking - Canal Bisping: 'Pettis took the easy way out.' [Haiku] amazon gull [Haiku] Great job pooping! IS fighters storming a Government outpost North of Palmyra 10th December 2016 12 Year old kid stops a robbery. Oh shit that's a pussy lmao [Poetry] Lizard on car Migrants kicks girl down subway steps in Berlin, Germany Clueless Gamer: "Battlefield 1" With Terry Crews My dog can't howl but it's hilarious to watch him try I SAID IT BEFORE AND I SAY IT AGAIN: WE HAVE NOT WON THE ELECTION YET. IT TAKES ONLY 35 ELECTORS TO STEAL IT FROM US! AND THEY ARE CONSPIRING IN THE SHADOWS RIGHT NOW!!! Clueless Gamer: "Battlefield 1" With Terry Crews I'm John Cena - SNL Young Thug responds to the backlash of the airport video (FULL rant) [Haiku]Grandma is cool as fuck Stormtroopers of death - Anti-Procrastination Song MFW Stepehn Colbert shows my entire comment blasting Jon Stewart on national television T_D POST MADE IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! Stephen Colbert directly attacks /r/Conspiracy 4:07, and directly attacks /r/The_Donald at 4:44 Disgusting Colbert responds to Wikileaks and /r/The_Donald about being in Clinton's payroll [Haiku][NSFW] A drunk, a ladder, and a toilet. When you realize Kendrick Lemar is BASED af and basically critiquing leftists and Democrats' policies towards inner-city blacks. RJ flashing at radio station Tucker takes on hand gestures, stink eye, & Hitler 12/7 Death Grips - Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood John Cena Will Destroy the SNL Cast [50/50] Woman hit by a car [NSFW/L] | A cat and a dog playing together [SFW] Childish Gambino - PHAROS VR "Me and Your Mama" Trailhead parking police strikes again! (Phoenix, AZ) [FRESH VIDEO] Childish Gambino - PHAROS VR "Me and Your Mama" Berlin: Migrant gang kick young woman down subway stairs Donald Trump claims Saturday Night Live is "completely unwatchable". So please don't watch this "totally biased" SNL sketch with over 7 million views and 55,000 likes. Corey Lewandowski On Hannity: 'Trump's North Carolina Speech Was A Home Run' [FRESH] Nicki Minaj - Ain't Gone Do It Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (live) [Folk] Today Marks the 12th Anniversary of Numa Numa, one of the most iconic viral videos ever There was an attempt to complete the obstacle course Failed rescue at Whistler Ski Resort Here's Bill Burr in Aug 2015 predicting #SpiritCooking -- Says Hillary hooks up with people who wear goat's heads! [Poetry] james bond [Video] L Ron Hubbard's son who exposes his father as a fraud. Definitely should have been in the Guy Catches Lady Stealing Out of His Car and Confronts Her So the cast of Westworld is pretty funny off camera. Klay Thompson ON FIRE 40 Point First Half Highlights [Video] Kojima and Norman Reedus celebrate Death Stranding by dancing together 20 hours of editing, 15GB of video and one week later, and here is an anime opening for Overwatch I've made. Please, enjoy! Instant Karma for Left Turn Only Lane Traffic Jumper The Liberation of a Condor What a Beautiful Creature [FRESH] 6LACK - Ex CALLING (Video) Hugh Laurie and Zach Braff at the Emmys Woman Caught On Camera Allegedly Stealing Two Packages In Alhambra Pleads Not Guilty When fake news uses the line "there is no evidence" ... there is evidence. Season 7 Mid-Season Finale Promo Based Gene Simmons (rock band Kiss) tells Hollywood to "shut your pieholes" about the election and politics. 🐸 "She's a betch!" Bridezilla ruins her own bachelorette party Raging driver attempts to take a picture (x-post from /r/therewasanattempt) [USA] Reversing SUV straddling two lanes nearly hits a cyclist Not emptying your pockets before bungee jump Woman delays an entire train full of people by holding doors open to wait for someone. Gets denied. If your "news" magazine doesn't read their own articles before publication, you are reading #fakenews THIS IS SPARTA! Lady holding up the whole train by blocking the door waiting while her friend. Justice is served Wolf encounter Give SNL Credit Where it's Due: SJW Snowflake Libtard Skit was Bang-on! HULAHULA Crazy old man attacks tolerant painter in a lift and gets knocked out cold. Hur man visar en varg vem som är alfahonan Australian man punches kangaroo to save his dog. J Cole - Everybody Gotta Die [hip hop] Vince Staples - Pimp Hand Student roasts his art teacher for not teaching properly The Game - Wouldn't Get Far (Feat. Kanye West) Conan: Leaked Phone Calls between Trump and Obama. Forging a Gigantic Propeller at 1,800°F You have to accept whatever comes. Frankie Boyle - Charity 360 Degree Swing Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut)-10/10 Would watch again. Hip Thrust Engage! Corrupt Kentucky sheriff brought down by reporters (60 Minutes, 2012) [13:32] Plane Crash Boeing 727 - Crash Test Episode 1 of Leah Reminis Scientology Exposé Michigan Man Hosts Party of the Century Strange Creature Caught in india reminds me Lord Of The Rings character Gollum Boy heard screaming for help rescued from rip current by lifeguard This is how Chapecoense wants their team to be remembered Louis Theroux meets the Black Israelites (black racial supremacists). Baby laughing while sleeping This need to be required viewing for all tourists. I don't want kids but watching this makes me reconsider. Meanwhile, in Gatlinburg Tennessee My Daughter's Lost Hat Man ignores museum rules, touches priceless Clock which falls from wall and smashes Guy finds out he is circumcised How to show a wolf who's the boss Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana") Key & Peele: School Bully - so true it stops being funny Secret Life of Muslims My friend's girlfriend having a try at go kart 2-year old girl stuck in washing machine and Firefighters arrived at the girl's home immediately.After some 20 minutes the girl was released safe and sound. Caught this on my dash cam while i was in london. Amazing how everyone helped him! There are nice people in this world. Tom Hanks doing the Forrest Gump voice 20 years later brings a huge grin to my face Frogs don't do so well in space Tom Hanks Re-Enacts Iconic Forrest Gump Scene - The Graham Norton Show Toddler goes full apathetic hearing a terrible birthday chant - [00:44] Bill Burr Hates Black Friday - CONAN It's Hard to Stay Sober in America The hardest I've seen Conan laugh when talking about Justin Bieber with Bill Burr Louis C.K.: Dancing Is The Worst Possible Career Choice - CONAN OK Go - The One Moment (shot in 4.2 seconds) Morton Salt just created one hell of a marketing vid Video shows violent bullying in Alabama middle school Key & Peele - MC Mom Sia's New Song featuring Indian Classical Music! The Weeknd's new song: I feel it comin' Out Now! Super Cute Samoyed Puppy Growling Quietly Lucky soldier in Aleppo. Slob on my Knob fits perfectly over Carol of the Bells. Merry Christmas! Ace in the hole It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 12 | Red Band Trailer [HD] | FXX Largest Aircraft In The US Military, C-5 Galaxy Kneeling Down Chef Ramsay on how to make a turkey. How to become a douchebag in Iceland The moment an Air Force pararescueman learns the fate of a child patient I can't see this boy in my life Henry Rollins on the Punk community being closed minded Norm Macdonald: Chris Farley Revealed SNL's Most Shocking Secret To Me - CONAN Angry driver gets laid out, after attacking cyclist that was waiting for pedestrians to cross before turning at intersection. Conan visits youtubes VR lab Conan Visits YouTube's VR Lab - CONAN on TBS Comedians feed lines to porn stars. The chains that you can see hanging under school buses and trucks are there to provide traction in snow. With the flip of a switch, the chains will lower automatically and the centrifugal force sends the chains into action. John C Reilly's cereal heist. Magnitude 7 8 earthquake strikes 91km | North of Christchurch | New Zealand | World News Guy drives across from California to Virginia and takes a time lapse of the entire trip. Mesmerizing as f*ck WWII FDR planned to implement a second bill of rights that would include the right to employment with a livable wage, adequate housing, healthcare, and education, but he died before the war ended and the bill was never passed. Speech Footage!! 1944, He died before the war ended and the bill was never passed. he delivered his State of the Union Address via radio Spray Paint Art Landscapes. One of the most satisfying videos you'll watch (X-Post/r/interestingasfuck) Disney's 2001 PSA still relevant today [1:04] Watch out for the deer. Woman claims domestic abuse, cellphone video taken by boyfriend shows her as the aggressor Croatian barrel launching David Blaine Freaks Out Drake, Dave Chapelle, and Stephen Curry with a Crazy Trick I NEVER realized how blatantly generic most advertisements for corporations are until this masterpiece Two Danes enjoying a real Swedish delicacy Louis C.K. vs Jay Leno Folk trio from Georgia (the country, not the state) - this put a really big smile on my face for some reason 6.45am Melbourne train, Australia Dave Chappelle eloquently and of course, humorously, tells Americans what we need to hear. Let's give it chance. SNL Monologue Guy freaking out over flashbangs in MW3 Crazy woman freaks out over McDonald's Chicken McNuggets! Veteran Says Chili’s Took Back Free Veterans Day Meal Coolest bottle opener in the world Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL (OFFICIAL LINK FROM SNL) SNL - Dave Chappelle Opening Monologue Dave Chappelle brings back his popular characters in this SNL skit [Walking Dead Spoilers!] Dave Chapelle's SNL monologue Aquaman everybody Laughing My favorite comedy intro of all time. Planet Hulk - Animated TL;DR Bill Burr Is A Contrarian Sports Fan - CONAN I have been thinking about this scene a lot today [1:10] This scene came to mind today 8 wk old Husky pup trained (10 sec) Stephen Tries To Make Sense Of All This Stephen Colbert has a pretty touching message today Stephen Tries To Make Sense Of All This Bowling Trick Shots Dude Perfect Little kid scared by vacuum Sir David Attenborough Was Charged By A Rhino I recently formed a musical duo alongside my girlfriend and put together a music video, featuring me on lots of instruments and her singing - Hope you enjoy! Marijuana...Not Even Once (Parody) Bullshit Man Benedict Cumberbatch Spoofs Apple’s 1984 Commercial Speed of Light I'M Jeremy Clarkson says what the rest of the world is thinking