That in his Oscar acceptance speech,Tom Hanks inadvertently outed his old high school drama teacher,and it was the inspiration for the film In and Out. Kid buys weed off Instagram Seal jumps into the boat and saves himself from orcas Rare Pokemon Sparks Stampede in Taipei Evolution of Dance- the 80's to Now The Tragically Hip, the last song of their last show, "Ahead By a Century." The lead singer has terminal brain cancer. japan's teaser for 2020 Summer Olympics Honestly, who bites? Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog Takes On the Beloved and Incredibly Innocent Times Square Mascots U.S. Army reservist hears national anthem at Olympics, stops mid-attempt. U.S. wrestling's Frank Molinaro gets bitten by opponent Tricking the boiler What happens when you tap to focus in a mirror - YouTube Missed opportunity. Magic Coffee Table 18 year old rapper sheds some serious light on the dangers of drunk driving The 4x100m relay was neck and neck until they gave Usain Bolt the baton. I SO PALE Conan Learns To Play Polo OC: Taking my daughter hiking. It sucked, but it paid off in the end. Runners Abbey D'Agostino, Nikki Hamblin fall and help each other up during the Rio Olympics Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse - "Not so fast!" Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse laugh their way to a 1-2 finish in the 200m semifinal Old Couple Keeps Screwing Up Their Commercial New interview: Sean discusses the past, present and future of No Man's Sky Kiribati weightlifter at Rio Olympics dances after each attempted lift to highlight climate change Guy depicts his time in college Truth about No Man's Sky The coolest pool you'll ever see Irish Olympic Boxer reacts to judges awarding the match to his Russian Competitor - Rio 2016 Irish Boxer Michael Conlan interview immediately after being robbed by judges at Olympic Games. Irish boxer, Michael Conlon, loses it during live interview after being robbed at Rio Olympics. My College Experience Ozzy Man Reviews: Rio Olympic Highlights Part 2 The most unnecessary use of a ghillie suit Fire truck drives through 11ft flood Reaction to Reddit love for his wood cutting [0:59] 116 years of Olympic sprinters No Man's Sky Expectations Vs. Reality Dylan Moran on Americans This is why everyone hates NBC's Coverage of the Olympics: Michael Phelps' final Olympic swim An Idiot in Porsche 911 decided he'd take a shortcut around some construction cones and drove straight into wet concrete near Marina Green on Marina Blvd. in San Francisco Meanwhile in Russia...... Eatin' Pussy, Kickin' Ass I'm comfortable enough to admit this made me cry. Now that my dad is retired, this is what he comes up with in his free time. My girlfriend was excited to see some giant turtles, she got soaked How your mind should be blown every time you shuffle a deck of cards: 52 Factorial Bosphorus in Turkey is being blocked by the military The Asian girl forcing a smile in the background of this video slays me Constructive Criticism KoRn's opening show at Woodstock '99..... Mental browsing the newest videos on youtube Pretty good footage of the terror attack in France Comedian Gary Gulman, on how US state postal code abbreviations came to be Jiminy Glick with Kelly Ripa Classic Key & Peele - Text Message Confusion Tosh.0 - Stolen Valor Addicted to Cheesy Potatoes Car turbocharger takes a bites of mans finger. Mother Spits In Kids Face Nathan For You - 40 Maids Finally figured out why there was wet toilet paper all over the house. Hilarious Conan interview After 36 tries and a class of kindergarteners in recess rooting and cheering for me I got in my basketball first trick shot from half-court range. Google Nexus 6P review; The difference between brands of impact insoles tested by a bowling ball Singapore Airlines catches-fire during emergency landing Racing Extinction - Why Sharks Matter mugged MOTO GP racer borrows camera mans scooter after crashing Today I witnessed a monkey face-fuck a kitten Lube Wrestling at San Francisco Pride Joel Kim Booster Stand-Up 06/22/16 - CONAN on TBS wwe - Roman Reigns vs John Cena in WWE match - WWE Wrestling World Texas Law Man takes groceries from Trader Joe's and sells them at Pirate Joe's Jeff Goldblum on Conan is still as weird as ever My dog's new friend Quite Unfunny Steam Summer Sales Sketch Texas Lawyer has a wild commericial When blasting a pedophile into space goes wrong Women's Basketball in Turkey Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump and the oscars- The Graham Norton Show Wanna start some shit? Call the talk shit hotline.. So I was looking on YouTube for more stuff on ATM Skimmer's and found a company that sells them. Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks Key & Peele- Gremlins 2 Beauty At there best!! Slip hero challange | having fun with resistance bands Giant Ball of Tape vs Bullets "You say 'Fuck' a lot" Black Guy Resisting Arrest In light of recent events in the UK (referendum) I decided to make a fun little vid Unlicensed 16 year old hits and runs, then smashes garage while trying to hide the evidence. My favourite scene from Peep Show Can someone ID the Rebecca girl for me please? Ofcourse, its for Science and research purposes. Brett Voter Fraud! Did she just erase a vote and enter a new one!? Spanish Soccer Commentators Get Bored During Rain Delay so They Analyze Cleaning Crew The best "How it's made" episode. How to Steam Summer Sale 2016 [Full Tutorial] Nitrous Mafia selling nitrous last night. Paula Deen- Gastro Ghouls n' Fear Fritters I could watch this all day. Boaters of Reddit! Always secure your boat this season. The watch mojo YouTube channel has apparently been hacked. By poodlecorp The worst YIAY ever How It's Made - Hot Dogs (with sound effects) Charlie Sheen Opens Up About Being Diagnosed HIV Positive - The Graham Norton Show Freemium guy shows why AAA games aren't always superior to Indie games How to End a Relationship [Poetry] mORE CORN!!! "Flight of the Valkyries" helicopter attack scene is perhaps one of the most iconic and epic scenes in cinema history, made all the more remarkable by the fact Apocalypse Now was filmed before CGI was possible. Chinese manager publicly spanks employees for poor performance. His Love Is Concrete Workaholics - I'm Barfing Bouncer knockout in Philly Cat watching a horror movie... Outkast Reunion (Key and Peele) Kurdish PKK shoot down a Turkish AH-1 Cobra Helicopter in southeast Turkey Key & Peele - The Telemarketer "the voices in my head are getting louder in my head so no more volumizing shampoo" Don't do duster. Woman slapped by homeless man in guitar kerfuffle Office Homophobe. One of my favourite Key & Peele sketches... “Weird Al” Yankovic: Meeting Michael Jackson Was Like An Alien Encounter Cowardly Youtuber Jason Blaha telling Veterans to go fuck themselves after he was called out for his stolen Valor Student acts like the freshman chemistry professor on the first day of class and fools EVERYONE Bill Burr Teaches Elijah Wood How To Kill Students duct tape their passed out friend and take him on a night out Epic front flip Key & Peele - Auction Block Powerful stuff from Kyle Mooney, cried and laughed Stopping isn't always an option News Flash!! Young woman flashes her boobs in the middle of a news broadcast from a 420 gathering Ring-tailed lemur requests back scratches. Too far, man [10 sec] Ford Mustang Crash And Fail Crash Compilation ft. Dj Khaled [NSFW]How to fish in russia News Anchor in Boise does entire Broadcast as Ron Burgandy for Halloween.... Nails it College In One Minute I like to torture my Dad by telling him "hilarious jokes". A great white shark on Alligator Reef in the Florida Keys. 10 feet of water. 4/16/2016 Audi Service Tech's joyride and "lunch" break. Dash cam catches excited Audi Mechanic abusing customer's vehicle, doing cocaine in it. The video "Batman V Superman - Sad Affleck" was removed for using the song "The Sound of Silence" This one is for everyone who needs motivation. My Mom lets Tesla Self Drive Conan Checks Out A PC Bang Sad Ben Affleck was taken down due to copyright issues, I reuploaded it if you didn't get a chance to see it. Damn Natalie, you a crazy chick. Conan & Steven Yeun enjoy a Traditional Korean Meal NFL commentators trying to sneak in as many The Princess Bride references as possible in their segme NFL commentators trying to sneak in as many The Princess Bride references as possible in their segme Match stopped in Saudi Arabia as goalkeeper forced to cut his 'anti-Islamic haircut' British people watch and react to 9/11 Documentary: 102 minutes that changed America "Student drives drunk through my campus" The SnapChat Story David Mitchell on Tax Avoidance Key & Peele - Loco Gangsters - Uncensored Romania's Got Talent - Laura Bretan [ that is not how a 13yo sounds] "I will break your shit dog" smooth motogp pit stop Swan causing a traffic jam in Manchester Track bike tire blowout with carbon fiber wheels OFFICIAL REVIEW OF EATING ASS In a hurry!! Can't talk!! Moped driver going the wrong way hits young girl - gets a nice scolding from her mother David Mitchell on Tax Avoidance Ricky Gervais and Conan O'Brien come up with a perfect, hilarious supervillain role Disturbed performing "The Sound Of Silence" on CONAN Campus employee confronts student for "culture appropriation" at SFSU" This girl has been ripping off my videos and taking credit for my work. I made this as proof. Alcohol Commercial Suddenly Turns Anti Drinking SaReGaMa Kalimba solo for Lotus Silly cat can't seem to clean himself Korean Zombie Dance Ambulance Girls Best use of a doorbell camera I've seen. "I just wanna to tell you that I'm home." Comedian Katt Williams Gets Man Handled By A Teenager! Creeper on Sydney train Professor Sprout from Harry Potter tells a naughty story, Matthew Perry is appalled. Woman attacks man who calls her out for parking in a handicap spot #CALLBRUSSELS Woman gets called out for parking in a handicap spot and throws 2 coffees she just bought at the camera man Tommy was amazing on Tosh.0 Leafyishere is now attempting do to damage control by Sub Botting. LeafyIsHere Sub Botting? (Real-Time Sub Count) F1 Alonso's spectacular crash. (Glad to know he's ok) Huge crash during today's Australian Grand Prix involving Fernando Alonso Celebrity impressions on Graham Norton A girl and her duck Joey Diaz - Box Of Soul (NSFW) Deaf Woman Hears Boyfriend’s Voice, Marriage Proposal In honor of St. Patrick's Day - It's Always Sunny - Charlie drinks paint (1:18) “Deadpool” Visual Effects Breakdown shows how the opening sequence was filmed Proposed to after getting Cochlear Implant. Baboon's reaction to a magic trick. Annoying Things Parents Do Drunk driving CEO face plants in ditch NSFW Best use of faceswap yet [Warning: Boob] Angry Joe's account looks to have been hacked Kellogg's Employee urinating on the food production line!!! If only Apple keynotes were this sexy. Face swap [nsfw] Miraculously avoided crash Marble Rally Voiceover Serial killer Aileen Wuornos interview one day before execution. How to pick up girls on facebook Luke and Yoda bad lip reading . How have I not seen this before? Key & Peele - Continental Breakfast Patient cat watching tv with kid Weekend Update: Jay Pharoah on Katt Williams and Kevin Hart's Feud. Jay Pharoah destroys it. Jay Pharoah acts out a secret meeting between black comedians This would be horrifying. Cyclists chased by an Ostrich in Africa. Domino's Pizza, allegedly storing pizza dough in bathroom Brazzers gets 4chan to write them a script Dry Ice Bombs - The Slow Mo Guys Nanny carrying a severed child's head near a Moscow metro, threatening to blow herself up and shouting Islamic slogans At last, Leonardo DiCaprio accepts his first Academy Award. Nathan For You - Antique Shop The Daily Show - Ben Carson and the Black Experience Polish sacristan (church manager) got drunk with friends and started singing on the speakersystem, forgot the outside soundsystem is on as well, hilarity ensues How Bud Light is Made [NSFW] Taboo - Official Trailer - Tom Hardy's FX Series So, Brazzers just directed an internet meme themed porno called The Meme Lover (SFW Edition) E-Cigarette battery explodes in man's pants [xpost /r/nononono] My friend's wife got them a trip to Disney World for his birthday. He didn't immediately comprehend what was going on. Doing the job he's trained to do! UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End - Story Trailer whoops Ghetto monkey eating bananas Guy plays tabla to How Deep is You Love Stone Cold Steve Austin Tries Fancy Cocktails For The First Time! Scottish guy goes on night out in Glasgow and wakes up in Amsterdam. Well, that's a talent, I guess... [NSFW] B.J. Novak and see the kids reaction This happened during a pretty bad storm a few months ago just outside of my work building and no more than 60 or 70 feet away. You can even hear the electricity in the air during the flash. Lady Gaga nails the National Anthem at Superbowl 2016. Sir David Attenborough being awesome Larry David on SNL - Totinos commercial Benedict Cumberbatch Mortified By Reddit Reviews My FB Friends Day Video Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller Learn About 'Nutscaping' The secret to you, Today is the beginning of my new life, Homs, Syria, 2016 (drone footage) My friend tried to slide down a railing in NYC Utah "Gangbangers" pull a gun in a McDonald's Drive Thru 7am How an Iowa Caucus Tie is Decided - Coin Toss? A tough math teacher's tender heart of gold 'Archer' Season Seven Promo: "P.I." I invited over 70 college kids to make this video a reality. We accomplished it in one smooth take. Japanese Technology! Best Tech Review Ever How to Do a Heelflip on a Skateboard Elevator with man in it goes out of control and crashes Squatty Potty Founders Ignore Investors and Make Millions Husbands of the Future!! Give me those fucking bananas [nsfw] Former Wounded Warrior employees accuse charity of wasting millions [CBS News] Meet the mistress of the dog after 6 months apart (X-post From /r/ThisBlewMyMind/) Man survives horrific hit and run in Brighton, UK My Brother put a GoPro on his friend who ate 10 Grams of mushrooms. This is the result. (starts 30 seconds in) A grown man shoots a 10 year old kid in the back full-auto with his airsoft gun in front of a crowd of other kids. Everyone is so confused. WTF is happening? Unlikely Aussie heroes speak about the robbery they foiled on the morning news The most Australian interview imaginable Asshole destroys kid with highpowered airsoft rifle kid gets shot to feck full auto with an airsoft gun in front of unsuspecting crowd Guy shoots up a minor with high powered airsoft gun. A 15 year old wakes up after a heart transplant surgery, realising that he's still alive. Lebron James Degrades Ballboy at Bulls game Graham Norton as Father Noel Furlong in Father Ted. (1996) The Ah-So Wine Opener... After I discovered this neat little tool, there will be no other. Matthew Perry couldn't be any more uncomfortable right now One trillion to the tenth power Key & Peele Movie Trailer -- Keanu SNL Host Ronda Rousey Lets Beck "The Wreck" Bennett Try His Noggin Lock Day After a Rave, 1993 Arcade Fire, the Preservation Jazz Hall Band, and thousands of fans marched in a second line parade (funeral celebration) in New Orleans to memorialize David Bowie. Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base - SNL (Adam Driver) Watch "SNL‘s Kylo Ren Learns Important Lessons On Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base" on YouTube Massachusetts Walmart Rage Welcome To FlyBoys World Pushing the Limits: Hyperloop transportation system Snoop Dogg Narrates Planet Earth Hello Adele feat. T-rex Boy burst into tears when he is reunited with his lost dog Snoop Dogg Narrates Planet Earth Charlie Leduff talks with the the Oregon minute men. Big Catch / Funny animation HD Ricky Gervais was great, but Jamie Foxx's jab at Steve Harvey's Miss Universe gaffe was another great moment of the night Big Fat Quiz 2014 - Jimmy Carr tell Mel B what he wants what he really really wants Tram drivers informing each other not to pick up a drunk guy, after the 6th passing tram, he is not so happy Guy dances perfectly along with kpop girl-group "Gfriend" Ozzy Man Reviews: UFC Sheila With Hungry Eyes Starbucks employee is caught stealing a credit card from customer making love with her eyes An abused dog is shown affection for the first time. Reaction: Windows 10 Update Popular female streamer abuses cat on stream. NYE Open Bar at a place that lets you be a news reporter on a green screen. These things are only up for 24 hours. Enjoy the sloppiness reddit Amsterdam Canal Cleaning. At 73 Aretha Franklin can still sing with the best: live at the Kennedy Center This boy is different. Disney creates Vertigo - a wall-climbing robot My Holm vs Rousey KO Commentary. Taken down by UFC. Reinstated. Taken down by Zuffa LLC. Reinstated. Fucken see how long it stays up this time. Its Just A Prank, Bro - an underplayed SNL skit from Kyle & Beck That's One Fast Pilot! Terrible Car Accident VertiGo a Wall-Climbing robot Attempted murder in a pharmacy store Yea'im notintodat. Hell cat pissed at vets. Freaks out howling demoniacally and pisses on examination table. Two girls aren't very happy about their uncle's Christmas present... Giant Squid filmed in Japan by a crazy brave diver SNL's Serial parody is one of their best segments in years. Krokodil Drug Effects-Flesh Eating Drug First snow in Sweden today, time to take out my favorite pair of shoes THE MOTHER'S FACE White twin girls get black baby dolls for Christmas 77 years old woman fitness 200 year old pub washed away. NYC 3 bedroom apartment illegally converted into 10 bedrooms to lure AirBnB customers Couldn't think of what to get my Dad this year for his Birthday. So I wrote hundreds of celebrities to wish him a happy birthday. As we close out the year, I thought I would show the results... Rare Exports Inc Was watching tutorials for how to sync Bluetooth with my car. When you see it... This little girl reacts to ‘star wars' in the most appropriate way possible Slayer Goes To Church Right in the feels. Star Wars: Rogue One trailer [Star Wars Spoilers] Finn's Character, in a nutshell. Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner in Miss Universe Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner in Miss Universe SpaceX stage one landing Falcon 9 landing video Slow-motion HD footage of airstrikes in Vietnam R Kelly walks out of interview after being asked if he believes his sexual abuse allegations impact his music sales. 3-year-old learns the meaning of "happy tears" You Know You Want That Booty Christian lady harasses Muslims at a park Christian lady harasses Muslims at a park The craziest final 6 seconds to an NFL game you may see Ever! Cute Star Wars themed ad for a German supermarket chain Man has a very close call with a train Man has a very close call with a train Almost Shot While Fishing Almost Shot While Fishing Meet Your Second Wife (feat. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) Meet Your Second Wife (feat. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) Gives a whole new meaning to "where we're going, we don't need roads"... Gives a whole new meaning to "where we're going, we don't need roads"... Little girl mistakes a shopper for Santa and he plays along! Little girl mistakes a shopper for Santa and he plays along! Ohio replaces the lethal injection with brand new machine that rips your head clean off. Star Wars Toy Commercial - SNL Key & Peele - Undercover Boss A cleaning person from decided to commit identity theft - photographing documents, checks and old credit cards in my apartment today. Andy's new sketch on Conan.... Merry Christmas. Apple doesn't want you to use the 6S as a scale, guy builds a game app to get around it in order to weigh things (x-post /r/trees) Dad Tries To Pronounce Eyes I discovered Serbian Pop today It was so windy that this waterfall started going upwards, England Three Russian girls cover "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers One of the funniest SNL sketches in recent memory. Everyone breaks character (guest starring Ryan Gosling) Santa Baby - SNL Sharialaddin It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Season 11 80s version Cat body slams a kid German trucker finds a way to make his truck refugee proof Family rescues kitten found frozen in the snow. Police officer leads people inside Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino to safety. "I'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure." Motorboating Baby Dancing in a tornado at an Australian bush doof Your mum The laser scene from Oceans 12. One of my personal favorites. Bambacan My Uncle vs Korean toilets One of the most absurd and hilarious 6 minutes in Television history. May I present Mr Blobby. Hilarious interview between a norwegian and Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson 1958, when Muslims laughed at the idea of imposing the hijab to women Best Drummer Ever This Woman on Jeopardy a few weeks ago. Parenting level: Genius This is what happens when a anchor chain on a freighter gets loose I HATE when this happens! This lady should prolly think about losing some weight Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Pennies (HBO) The Typical Australian Adele saves Thanksgiving Turns out air horn gas huffing actually is a thing Homemade Battle Bot Destroys Itself The danny devito impression is SPOT ON - Star Wars 7 audition reel Birdstrike on airplane goes BOING!!! [/r/aviation] The Black cat knows the map too well Nathan for You: Hotel Sex Box Adele goes undercover and enters an Adele impersonator competition. The moment she starts singing, everyone knows. Mosque Meeting In Virginia Interrupted By Man Denouncing All Muslims As 'Terrorists' "“I won’t give you the gift of hating you” – Antoine Leiris" It's pretty windy in Colorado today Turkey vs. Greece - Istanbul fans boo minute of Silence for French massacre, chant "Allahu Akbar" Fish in a pond at Chernobyl. (xpost /r/fishing) If Tumblr users were pirates they would sound like this. Man flirting with Gordon Ramsay on live cooking show Why I watch American Football... Joe Rogan's face after Ronda Rousey gets KO'd by Holly Holm at UFC 193 Brilliant response given in light of the Paris Attacks - Waleed Aly (The Project) Australian reporter on IS Sand River in Saudi Arabia - Can someone explain how this is possible? A little laughter makes the work day shorter. Gotta love Holly Holm A simple idea backed by stem cell research allows victims of severe burns to heal in merely days. Ronda Rousey gets knocked out by Holly Holm - UFC 193 UFC 193 Ronda Rousey Vs. Holly Holm Knockout Dytto - Barbie Girl at World of Dance How To Shut Up Racist Soccer Fans 5200mm Canon World's MOST Powerful Super Telephoto Lens EF FD Brave newsstand worker confronts knifed robber in Belgrade, Serbia. This man is a hero Refugee camp in France set on fire few hours after terrorist attack Thousands singing the French national anthem during stadium evacuation Just now, explosion in Paris during a game (Germany-France) 40 dead UPS marks this guy's shipment as "lost". Months later he finds his item on eBay after it was auctioned by UPS Opie & Jim Norton on the University of Missouri Protesters. The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see I once accidentally bought a horse The 116 images NASA put on Voyager's Golden Record which is drifting through interstellar space and maybe one day will be seen by aliens. Old Marine shares an almost lost pants flotation technique What Happens When You Put a "Man Zone" in a Women's Clothing Store "Nathan for You", a shamefully underrated show with some of the best deadpan comedy I've seen Day & Night (2010) is MY favourite Pixar Short Women face sex abuse charges for grinding on stranger Big explosion in Yemen Jonathan Haidt: 'How PC culture is affecting U.S. colleges' Remember that time Christopher Walken did a music video for Fatboy Slim? Now you do. Japan Primary Schoolers' Basketball Game Has A Dramatic Twist At The Very End New weight bench that significantly reduces the risk of injury from lifting too much. Pretty awesome idea Natalie Dormer and Jennifer Lawrence A hacker just deleted all of Vinesauce Joel's videos. James Kingston climbing the Eiffel Tower POV McDonald's Worker Offers Homeless Man Free Meal then Humiliates him Small channel does 50K subscriber prank. Affluenza The owner of a racing horse named his horse "Arrrrrr" . The announcer was unphased. Blind for Booty MEANEST McDonald's Employee EVER!!! Nathan For You - You Break It, You Buy It 12 years ago my friends and I wanted to see how far we could launch a bowling ball off a jump from a car. It didn't go as planned..... Seven-Year-Old's Interview Responses - Nathan For You FIFA Puskas Award 2015: All Nominated Goals Dad is having too much fun to understand she's pregnant boutros boutros ghali Early Friday (11/6) morning: man on Royal Caribbean cruise jumps from 7th deck onto a life raft below and then falls overboard (NSFW) Family being saved from flooded house by neighbours Florida Starbucks Barista Uses Sign Language to Help Deaf Customer Order at Drive-thru As a lifetime country music fan, and upset with the current state of the genre I love. It's been a long time since I've seen something this good! She ordered a table and chairs form eBay and got 40 fish instead Will Forte Tests His Beard for Poop The UFC just uploaded Ronda Rousey's last fight on their official channel. Don't blink Nuclear weapon gets rear ended A green meteor just burned up over Bangkok Spongebob bass pants W/ Bob & David - Know Your Rights (featuring Keegan Michael Key) Amazing Bubble Show by Very Talented Lady Uber driver pepper sprays violent passenger German Shepherd throws a fit when she has to quit swimming Quadcopter/drone is attacked by swarm of bees - Cape Town, South Africa. PC Principal and Leslie. [NSFW] German kids pressured into proclamation of Islamic faith for Halloween Lad describes 'Every boys' night out' in under 2 minutes... John Oliver: I'm not a journalist Space Cats Magic Fly Trailer Park Boys - Fuck Everybody [NSFW] David Spade's bit on Tiger Woods is great Man stuck in tree during flood gives a hilarious live news interview Pee drinker's body rejects pee Austin's KVUE news anchors interview a man over the phone whose car was swept away in the Texas floods today...only to learn that the man is still sitting in a tree waiting to be rescued. Female streaker scores goal in soccer match Justin Bieber cancels concert after one song due to fans not letting him wipe the wet floor Watch This 6-Year-Old Girl Breakdancer Destroys Her Opponent Student slams teacher to the ground for taking his cell phone. Where is the outrage? Hunter swims out in a semi-frozen lake to save his dog stuck in the ice Patton Oswalt's Star Wars FULL Filibuster - Parks and Recreation Every Press Conference Ever (ft. Weird Al Yankovic) World Record Semi Truck Jump Tea and Consent, a British educational video! Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed Video Gorilla charges Man Man doesn't shit himself to death Jon Stewart's Sanctuary Dinosaur Kid (89k subscribed): Posts video that other people are posting his videos; requests advice on what to do Gf forgot her phone on the toilet at a bar, this video was on it when she got it back in the morning Awesome Jerry Seinfeld interview about his career/comedy This happened today at Spring Valley High School The first scenes of Utopia episodes were always chillingly awesome The Internet broke the Dinosaur Kid: He is shutting down his channel after trolls steal his content and flame him Wtf reddit... who messed with the Dino kid?! Prehistoric channel kid says farewell after imposters steal his videos. "The Prehoistoric Channel" has officially quit Youtube. Lewis Hamilton throws second place cap to his Formula One teamate Nico Rosberg Kid reacts to scary story MasterChef Junior Uncensored Adele won't stop ringing me Adele wont stop ringing me 😕 Deion Sanders' opinions on use of the N-word How to screw a lawyer Key & Peele - OK How NOT to launch an invasion Butterfly release gone wrong EAT DA POO POO

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